Progressive ED Treatment

Jun 27, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction finding a lasting and effective solution becomes imperative. While psychological factors may play a small role in ED, scientists have determined that there…

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Do You Have ED? You Are Not Alone.

May 22, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

At Progressive Men’s Health, we understand that erectile dysfunction has somewhat of a stigma, and may feel uncomfortable to talk about. We want our patients to understand that they are…

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Decoding ED

Apr 24, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

As with so many conditions, there are many factors that could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Progressive Men’s Health doctors Dr. Richard Goldfarb, Dr. Peter Sinaiko, and Dr. Philip…

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Study Finds PDE5 Drugs Safe Post MI

Mar 13, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

Progressive Men’s Health of Langhorne, PA offers men a way to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With the use of regenerative medicine, Dr. Richard M. Goldfarb and Dr. Peter…

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There Is Help for ED at Any Age

Feb 20, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

Many people only associate erectile dysfunction with men mature in age. While impotence rates do increase as men grow older, men as young as 40 may be affected by physical…

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Heal Your ED

Jan 30, 2017::Progressive Men's Health

Are you looking for a way to heal your erectile dysfunction instead of just treating the symptoms with a pill? Philadelphia, PA Progressive Men’s Health offers a solution to regain…

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ED Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

Dec 7, 2016::Progressive Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction may be causing problems in more than just your love life. Most men know that erectile dysfunction can hinder their love life, but did you know it could…

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Do You Know The Signs of ED?

Nov 9, 2016::Progressive Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can affect men of all ages. Some men may think that ED is strictly the total inability to achieve an erection. But, you…

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Shockwave Therapy Vs. “The Pill”

Oct 26, 2016::Progressive Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction (ED), affects over 50% of men aged 40-70, while 1 in 10 men have lost complete erection capability. Many men have already tried prescription drugs for an immediate…

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Is Your Lifestyle Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

Aug 23, 2016::Progressive Men's Health

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, it is important to assess all aspects of a patient’s medical history and lifestyle. ED can occur in younger men as well as…

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