treatment alternatives for ed philadelphia pa

Recent studies have shown the benefits and lasting results of shockwave therapy for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), as an alternative to medication. Patients in the study experienced results that improved after several treatments and were maintained in 12 month follow ups. Approved in many countries in Europe, this treatment is also being reviewed by the FDA.

For many years, men suffering with the effects of ED had one effective option: oral medication that had to be taken prior to sexual relations. But concerns over possible interactions with other common medications and the inconvenience associated with this option have led to breakthroughs in shockwave therapy as a minimally invasive, safe and lasting treatment for ED. Used in Europe for many years, this method of treatment provides natural results using the body’s own healing response.

Lasting Results- Without Pills

Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia is a leader in the field of ED treatment through shockwave therapy, enabling patients to achieve natural, spontaneous erections without medication. Dr. Richard Goldfarb and his associates increase the body’s ability to resolve ED through the natural healing process by adding PRP growth factors to the treated area. This stimulates healthy cell growth and the regeneration of damaged tissue for improved blood flow- a key factor in a natural erection.

If you are looking for an alternative treatment with the ability to provide lasting, natural results contact Progressive Men’s Health to schedule your confidential consultation. We will meet with you to discuss your medical history, concerns and goals before recommending a plan of treatment.

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