Men with diabetes are almost 3 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

There may be a link between diabetes and ED.

Why is there a link between ED and diabetes?
Studies show that nerve and blood vessel damage can occur as a result of poorly controlled blood sugar levels. Patients with diabetes who do not manage their blood sugar well may be at a higher risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and properly managing your diabetes could help you reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. If you are currently experiencing erectile dysfunction Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, PA may be able to help improve your sexual function.

Led by Dr. Richard Goldfarb, Progressive Men’s Health is home to the revolutionary non-surgical shockwave therapy. Progressive Men’s Health were the pioneers of the procedure and continue to provide safe and effective treatment for ED.
Shockwave Therapy provides clients with an alternative to pills which require careful planning.

Shockwave therapy can revive your sexual function and spontaneity. SHOCKWAVE THERAPY stimulates the body’s natural healing response which could potentially help to repair damage caused by diabetes to the penial blood vessels. Shockwave therapy also promotes better blood flow to the penis and improved sexual pleasure.

Your Progressive Men’s Health doctor will meet with you for a confidential and personal consultation to discuss your concerns, lifestyle, medical history and goals. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is effective and safe for most patients experiencing ED. This treatment is FDA cleared and has been used for many years, improving the lives of men and their partners.

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Struggling with erectile dysfunction can be taxing and take a toll on your quality of life. If you are ready to seek help, call our Philadelphia office at 215-764-3131 or request an appointment online.

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