A radical prostatectomy can often lead to either new or continuing erectile dysfunction (ED) and the return of normal function has been rare, according to a recent European study. Major factors in this result are the ages of the patient and the extent of nerve damage sustained during the surgery.

At Progressive Men’s Health, we can offer hope for restoring sexual function after a successful nerve sparing radical prostatectomy procedure. Restoring sexual function has a significantly higher success rate for patients who enjoyed normal erectile function prior to their surgery.

Our treatment is pushing the boundaries of current options for treating ED, using intensity-extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-SWT) to encourage the regeneration of healthy cells in tissues that are significant in the physical process of a natural erection. Shockwave therapy is a safe procedure that can provide lasting results without the use of medication, restoring the body’s own physical response when aroused.

Our physicians will discuss your medical history and personal concerns as well as perform a thorough exam before recommending treatment. Although patients who did not experience ED prior to their prostate surgery are more likely to experience a better result, we encourage all patients who desire to restore sexual function to come in for a consultation. Each person is unique and there are many factors affecting their health and their sexual dysfunction.

Progressive Men’s Health is committed to the development of alternative treatment(s) for male sexual dysfunction and the many factors that influence it. Research in this field has expanded in recent years and opened new doors for additional studies and the development of alternatives to palliative care when it comes to treating ED.

Early and proactive treatment can dramatically improve the chances of a successful, lasting result. To learn more, schedule a confidential consultation with Progressive Men’s Health today.

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