Your daily habits may be affecting your sex life. There are a number of factors that contribute to ED, some of which can be controlled by your activities and daily routine. At Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, PA we take a comprehensive approach to helping patients find a natural, lasting treatment for erectile dysfunction. Through a combination of innovative treatment methods, we attempt to help patients make lifestyle changes that will support long term sexual health and function.

Here are five daily habits to decrease your risk of ED and that may increase your sexual drive and spontaneity.

  • Sleep Well- Getting a good nights rest can improve your sex drive and increase your overall well being. Sleeping is essential for allowing your body to heal and regenerate.
  • Eat Well- Obesity is a common underlying factor for ED. A healthy diet rich in vitamins can increase your energy levels and lower your risk of diabetes and high cholesterol- other leading causes of ED.
  • Exercise Often- Physical activity actually increases your sexual drive, and of course, helps you keep off the lbs.
  • Drink Less- Alcohol can decrease your ability to perform sexually. Alcohol is a depressant and may make it difficult to get an erection for penetration.
  • Deal With Stress- Stress is a common factor amongst men suffering from ED. Try finding ways to release stress before entering the bedroom. Talk to a friend, a therapist, or find an outlet like running, yoga, or boxing.

Progressive Treatment of ED

Our confidential and highly trained doctors can help you with identifying lifestyle changes that can improve sexual function. Progressive Men’s Health has been on the leading edge of new and INNOVATIVE TREATMENT for ED that is not reliant on traditional palliative care. Using shockwave therapy, we have been highly successful in helping patients restore the ability to achieve a natural erection by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal damaged vascular tissue.

Learn more about how Progressive Men’s Health can help you restore your sexual spontaneity and normal erectile function.

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