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As with any medical condition, the outcomes for treating erectile dysfunction are best when the condition is treated promptly. The sooner ED is diagnosed and treated, the better the results for several key reasons:

Prevention of Further Deterioration

Erectile dysfunction is a progressive condition. Often times, men affected by erectile dysfunction will notice an intermittent problem. But what starts out as a “now and then” problem usually advances to an “all the time” problem with in several months or a few years.

There are both physical and mental symptoms that lead to the progression of erectile dysfunction. With disuse of the organ, there is a loss of healthy tissue. In some cases, this leads to “disuse atrophy” which is often very difficult to treat and psychologically damaging to a couple.

Treatments are Most Effective in Early Stages

Any treatment will be most effective in early stages of a medical condition. For many of the reasons listed above, early treatment of erectile dysfunction is:

  • Less expensive
  • Less intense
  • Psychologically easier to deal with
  • Longer lasting

Erectile Dysfunction is More Than a Sexual Problem

Erectile dysfunction isn’t isolated to a man’s love life. Usually, there are two people affected by ED. The man and his partner. A fulfilling sex life leads to greater satisfaction in many aspects of life including social, family and work environments.

Don’t Medicate – Use an Effective Solution

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Regenerative Medicine
At Progressive Men’s Health, we be believe in treating the underlying issue with regenerative medicine.

We use innovative shockwave therapy, which has been safely used in orthopedic medicine for nearly two decades. The non-invasive technique uses acoustic vibrations to creates micro trauma to the penile tissue. In turn, this stimulates the body’s natural healing response which increase blood supply and growth factors, leading to the formation of new blood vessels in the treated area.

In some cases, our doctors may combine shockwave therapy with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to increase the concentration of growth factors and improve outcomes.

By treating with regenerative medicine our goal is to help our return our patients to their younger healthier selves, not providing oral medication or injections that have to be used every time a patient wants to engage in sexual activity.

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