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Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not a normal occurrence for men as they age. Recent studies have suggested that erectile dysfunction (ED) is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Many medical professionals stress the importance of regular visits to the doctor’s office. Some believe that there is a strong correlation between ED and heart disease. The arteries that carry blood to the penis are similar to the arteries that carry blood to some of the major organs, including the heart. When the arteries are narrowed, it can become increasingly difficult for blood to make its way through the necessary channels. There are many risk factors that can contribute to narrowed arteries. Finding ways to lower your risk can minimize your risk of developing ED.

What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether your ED is linked to a physical factor or a psychological factor, there are steps you can take to help lower your risk and improve your overall health.

  • Quit smoking: Smoking can lead to narrowing of the arteries and vessels, which may contribute to ED. Finding ways to quit smoking can benefit your health in the long run.
  • Find ways to lower your cholesterol. High cholesterol can lead to artery blockages.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight. Some studies suggest that ED is closely linked to obesity.
  • Exercise daily may help reduce your risk of ED. Try to find an exercise regimen that you enjoy and that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

If you would like more guidance in your journey to prevent ED or you are noticing signs of ED, we recommend you visit Progressive Men’s Health for a consultation with one of our doctors. We can work with you to help you improve your condition.

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