Nothing speaks to the success of our treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) than the testimonial provided by a recent patient who came to us after being treated years ago for prostate cancer. We are pleased to share his personal accounting of how treatment with shockwave therapy gave him back the ability to spontaneously enjoy intimacy.

“I am a seventy year old man who had high grade prostate cancer diagnosed in October 1998. I underwent an abdominal radical prostatectomy on October 10 1998. Nerve-sparing was not possible because of the level of malignancy of the tumor. Therefore, both erection nerves were sacrificed.

For a while, I used penile injection therapy to try to induce spontaneous erections but after several months I resigned myself to never being able to have erections again since the injection treatments stopped working.
In January of 2017 my PSA rose to 1.7.
I consulted with Dr. Peter Sinaiko who suggested that I undergo pelvic Radiation therapy.
I took his advice and underwent 44 radiation treatments.
My PSA is now less than 0.1.
During my post radiation period I brought up my lack of erections.
Dr. Sinaiko and I discussed low intensity shockwave therapy. Dr. Sinaiko told me that he had been performing this treatment since early 2014.
He had discovered that there was a double blind clinical trial done in Israel which resulted in about an80% success rate. Over the following three years he was performing this therapy adding regenerative therapy (platelet rich plasma in a fibrin matrix and stem cells). His success percentage increased up to 95%.
I elected to proceed.
First, he did penile artery doppler which showed that I was capable of having good blood flow and that with stimulation, the blood flow increased dramatically.
I then underwent 6 shockwave treatments.
During the course of treatment, I received an injection of prpfm(Selphyl) and exosomes (the active factors in stem cells)
Almost immediately, I began to have perfectly normal erections which allowed me to have normal sexual function

I have had 2 nonstimulated Penile blood flow studies that have shown that my unstimulated blood flow is equal to or exceeds the pretreatment stimulated blood flow.
Post radiation, my PSA is less than 0.1 and I have my normal sex life back
I am very pleased and happy”

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