While it is generally accepted by the medical community that serum testosterone levels will gradually decrease with age, recent studies are still inconclusive on whether this is directly linked to symptoms such as decreased sexual function, osteoporosis and other health concerns. Additional studies are needed to identify the levels at which treatment should be considered and which types of treatment are most effective in addressing all related symptoms. At best, current treatment to increase testosterone with exogenous androgens has also been inconclusive in its ability to restore sexual function.

We offer treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that is proactive and can provide a permanent solution for decreased- or lost- sexual function due to decreasing testosterone. Without the use of medication, our treatment offers a non surgical option based on regenerative medicine. Using shockwave therapy we are able to restore natural function that is the result of improved blood supply to the penis. Treatment is not reliant on oral medication, reducing possible risks associated with current ED medicines.

Progressive Mens Health is dedicated to providing solutions for patients who suffer with erectile dysfunction for a variety of reasons, including decreased testosterone levels that may be age related. Understanding the evolving field of medicine specifically related to men’s health issues is an important part of our practice. Our treatment can restore not only sexual function, but also your overall sense of confidence- without risks or side effects.

If you are concerned about loss of sexual function or are currently experiencing symptoms related to ED, schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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