At Progressive Men’s Health, we may be able to help patients regain sexual function after undergoing a nerve sparing radical prostatectomy procedure. Our innovative, non-medicinal treatment option offers new hope for restoring sexual function in patients who once may not have had success using alternative pill options for erectile dysfunction.

Undergoing the radical prostatectomy procedure can frequently cause or continue erectile dysfunction. Many men struggle to restore their normal sexual function after a prostatectomy. Age of the patient and the extent of nerve damage sustained during the surgery are all factors that influence sexual capability post treatment. Patients who had normal erectile function prior to surgery tend to have a better chance at restoring sexual function after surgery.

Progessive Men’s Health offers innovative treatment that may restore sexual function after a radical prostatectomy. Our treatment pushes the boundaries of current options for treating ED. We use intensity-extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-SWT) to encourage the regeneration of healthy cells tissues. These tissues are essential for natural and spontaneous erections.Shockwave therapy is a safe procedure and for many patients can offer lasting results without the use of medication. Shockwave therapy is designed to restore the body’s natural response when aroused.

If you are concerned about losing sexual function after a prostatectomy, our physicians encourage you to schedule a consultation with Progressive Men’s Health prior to your surgery. Your doctor is highly discreet and will discuss your medical history and personal concerns as well as perform a thorough exam before recommending treatment.

Early and proactive treatment can dramatically improve the chances of a successful, lasting result. To learn more, schedule a confidential consultation with Progressive Men’s Health today. Progressive Men’s Health can help you enjoy a healthy, spontaneous sex life.

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