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Progressive Men’s Health is dedicated to helping patients restore natural sexual function without the need for medication. Using advanced technology, we offer non invasive treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to restore normal blood flow and facilitate a spontaneous erection.

Patient results in the graph below show the marked improvement of blood flow in the right and left pair of corpus cavernous chambers after several sessions.

Shockwave therapy, often combined with PRP using your own blood cells, has proven highly effective in reversing the damage to nerves and the vascular system of the penis caused by age, disease or trauma. The targeted shockwaves traumatize localized tissue to stimulate the body’s healing process, which generates increased blood flow. This is sustained as tissues begin to heal, allowing normal sexual function to resume- without the need for medication.

Confidential Consultations in Philadelphia

Erectile dysfunction can have an emotional impact on many men, affecting self confidence and intimate relationships. We understand the stress this can cause and offer confidential consultations to discuss your medical history, concerns and treatment options. Contact our office or request a consultation online.

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