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When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, it is important to assess all aspects of a patient’s medical history and lifestyle. ED can occur in younger men as well as older men, and lifestyle habits can play a role in both developing and treating ED. At Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, we take this comprehensive approach to helping patients find a natural, lasting treatment that is not reliant on the timely use of medication. Restoring normal, spontaneous sexual function can also restore confidence and your sense of well being in many aspects of your life.

There are a wide range of risk factors for ED, most of which result in slow vascular damage to the blood vessels in the penis, reducing the ability to achieve and maintain a natural erection. This restricted blood flow can be caused by disease, aging and lifestyle habits. Focusing on lifestyle and making adjustments is the best starting point, especially for the younger patient. A recent article in Women’s Health discusses the impact of specific lifestyle factors affecting your risk of ED:

  • Weight: being overweight can lead to increased vascular damage as well as raise the risk of diabetes, which has been strongly linked with ED.
  • Rest: getting adequate sleep has an affect on both sex drive and sexual performance- as it does on many aspects of your daily quality of life.
  • Diet: a healthy diet affects your overall well being, your energy level and your risk of disease including diabetes and high cholesterol- both of which increase the incidence of ED.
  • Exercise: physical exercise has been proven to increase energy, sex drive- and generally keeps you healthier.

In addition to identifying lifestyle changes that can improve sexual function, Progressive Men’s Health has been on the leading edge of new and innovative treatment for ED that is not reliant on traditional palliative care. Using shockwave therapy, we have been highly successful in helping patients restore the ability to achieve a natural erection by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal damaged vascular tissue.

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