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Are you looking for a way to heal your erectile dysfunction instead of just treating the symptoms with a pill? Philadelphia, PA Progressive Men’s Health offers a solution to regain satisfaction in your sex life. Dr. Richard Goldfarb and Dr. Peter Sinaiko can help you regain confidence and spontaneity without medication.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Shockwave therapy, or LI-SWT, is a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction that goes beyond the symptoms and treats the cause of the problem. Based on regenerative medicine, this procedure can restore your ability to have a spontaneous erection. LI-SWT is completely safe and uses your natural healing abilities to treat ED.

How It Works

To understand how Shockwave therapy works, it is good to understand what shockwaves are. Shockwaves are acoustic vibrations that carry energy. Used with a special device, these waves can be targeted to a specific region of the body for localized treatment. The vibrations create stress or micro traumas that help to stimulate blood flood to the treated region.

Shockwave therapy uses your body’s natural regenerative abilities. A device will be used to create micro trauma to the pineal tissue. These traumas will stimulate your body’s natural healing response, activating the blood flow to the penis. For some patients platelet, rich plasma therapy may also be recommended to help boost your regenerative growth.

As with all medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatment are ideal for effective results. As soon as you begin noticing signs of erectile dysfunction we recommend scheduling a visit to Progressive Men’s Health. Or patients who are diagnosed early can avoid future deterioration, as ED is a progressive problem. Many patients see results almost instantly after treatment.

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