Many people only associate erectile dysfunction with men mature in age. While impotence rates do increase as men grow older, men as young as 40 may be affected by physical ED. Philadelphia Progressive Men’s Health offers treatment for ED that can help to restore the vitality in your love life.

There are physical and psychological triggers that cause ED and for many patients both need to be treated to regain full spontaneity and function. Progressive Men’s Health provides revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction and impotence. Intensity-extracorporeal shockwave therapy treatment help treat the cause, not the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you are experiencing signs of ED it is recommended that you seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you address your ED the more effective treatment may be. For some men, impotence is temporary, and may restore itself, but if prolonged, it may become difficult to fully restore function. Early diagnosis and treatment allow for effective restoration of the anatomical and physiological dysfunctions.

Erectile dysfunction is a progressive disease. When an organ goes unused healthy tissue begins to deteriorate. A frustrating sex life can begin to affect all aspects of your life. Regaining a healthy and fulfilling sex life can lead to a more balanced and enjoyable life.

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