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As with so many conditions, there are many factors that could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Progressive Men’s Health doctors look at each patient as a whole individual. Our Langhorne, PA medical office provides comprehensive treatment for ED and addresses the underlying causes for long term results.

At Progressive Men’s Health, we look at each patient’s complete medical history as well as their lifestyle and personal concerns. All of these factors may be impacting their sexual function. For many patients, a number of factors combined cause ED. Progressive Men’s Health looks to treat the causes, not mask the symptoms of ED. Treating the cause can help men regain spontaneity and freedom in their sex lives.

Potential Causes of ED

  • decreased testosterone levels
  • certain medical conditions
  • obesity
  • personal stress
  • marital discord
  • mental health issues
  • certain medications
  • lifestyle

Progressive Men’s Health of Langhorne PA offers patients a way to treat the physiological cause of ED. Unlike the pill, our treatment helps repair the penis function for a better, more fulfilling sex life. Results from our unique treatment are typically permanent.

During a one-on-one consultation, our doctors will discuss your medical history, personal lifestyle, concerns you may have and your treatment goals so we can best help treat your ED.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, schedule a confidential consultation at Progressive Men’s Health and begin the process of restoring not only your sex life but an improved quality of life.

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