At Progressive Men’s Health, we offer treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that seeks to provide patients an effective solution instead of an ongoing treatment option.

Recent studies have taken a look at the possible effects that these drug therapies may pose for men who are survivors of prostate cancer, having had a radical prostatectomy to treat their disease. Findings show an increased risk for a recurrence of malignancy in men who are using certain drug therapies to treat erectile dysfunction.

While more studies will need to be done to standardize results, it is important to note this recent finding and take it into consideration when considering the best treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

If you have been treated for prostate cancer, especially if you have had a radical prostatectomy, consider the non-surgical an effective solution that Progressive Men’s Health offers for ED. Using shockwave therapy and in some cases, combining it with PRP (platelet rich plasma), we have been able to offer patients lasting results that allow a natural, active sex life with the confidence you experienced years ago!

Our treatment does not rely on the continual use of medication and therefore eliminates associated risks.

Ready to explore your options and discuss how treatment could restore your sexual function? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Early treatment can be important for optimal, lasting results.

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