Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve seen the commercials. Billions of dollars are spent each year marketing virility drugs to men with erectile dysfunction. But what the drug companies fail to mention is that medication is a temporary fix.

While pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis may offer a benefit initially – they generally lose effectiveness within several months of taking them. This means that you either need more medication to get the same effect – or they stop working altogether.

It’s also true that medication for erectile dysfunction isn’t safe for every man. Some medical conditions such as heart disease, history of stroke and diabetes may disqualify you for prescription medication for erectile dysfunction.

And taking pills for ED doesn’t generally lend itself to a spontaneous sex life.

Now There’s an Effective Solution

Instead of masking the symptoms of erectile dysfunction with little blue pills, why not look for an effective solution. The doctors at Progressive Men’s Health are able to heal erectile dysfunction using regenerative medicine.

Shockwave therapy, which has been safely used in orthopedic medicine for nearly two decades, can be applied to men with erectile dysfunction. Using a non-invasive device in the outpatient setting, Drs. Goldfarb and Sinaiko can quickly and painlessly restore penile health to allow for a spontaneous and natural sex life.

Learn more about our procedure and contact us for a consultation. Call (215) 764-3131 or request an appointment online.

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