You may have heard some of the recent news concerning possible long term side effects now associated with the consistent use of many popular heartburn medications, known medically as PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors). Over the counter names inlcude Prilosec®, Nexium® and Prevacid® among many others.

Recent studies have also shown possible links between PPIs and erectile dysfunction (ED) in patients who take these on a regular basis. Many have experienced a coinciding loss of erectile function after being put on a regimen of PPI medication to treat a variety of other health concerns.

At Progressive Mens Health, staying on the cutting edge of the science of mens health issues is paramount to offering effective, natural treatment for ED– without prescribing another medication. Progressive Mens Health offers lasting treatment for ED using nonsurgical therapy. We want to understand the medical history of our patients, including daily medications prescribed for other health problems that may ultimately affect erectile function.

There are alternative treatment options available today, depending on the nature and severity of your GERD or heartburn and during a consultation we can discuss your medical history to determine possible options. In many cases, a better understanding of your overall health and how treatments for specific problems can interact with or create a new health concern is the first step towards a lasting solution.

You don’t have to accept that another “pill” is necessary to treat your ED- we offer a unique and revolutionary treatment option that uses the body’s own healing response to regenerate healthy tissues and allow a natural and spontaneous erection.

If you are currently taking a PPI and experiencing ED, consult with your primary care physician about alternatives and schedule an appointment with Progressive Men’s Health. We can work with you to come up with an individualized treatment plan for your ED, taking into consideration your health concerns.

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