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At Progressive Men’s Health, we are proud of the work we do with Shock Wave Treatment to help patients overcome erectile dysfunction. Nothing makes us happier than hearing real-life success stories from our patients who have undergone treatment at Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, PA.

VDO, a Progressive Men’s Health patient, shares his journey, from a fading love life to a renewed sense of spontaneous and lasting love.

“Time has a habit of passing. Time changes lots of things, although my performance seemed to stay with me until it left. Spontaneous erections used to not be a problem. Then they stopped. Perhaps, at first, they got fewer and farther between. Whereas, before I had to make sure bulges weren’t too evident, it got to be that bulges disappeared. When intimacy is so incredibly rewarding, missing it becomes problematic. Sure, there were things we did that got us both over the top, but it was an echo of what we shared in the past.”

Like many middle-aged male patients, VDO was struggling with the difficulty to maintain the velocity of the erections from his youth. VDO and his partner became frustrated by his inability to maintain an erection throughout intercourse.

“By this time, my erections were rare and lacking in hardness and longevity when they did arrive. Then I got the kick in the butt that intensified my need for an effective solution to the problem. My community service organization that owned my spare time for the past thirty-five years announced their site for the next international convention. It was Paris. My wife was the president of my Kiwanis Club so the two of us were going! It made me think.”

When given the opportunity to visit Paris with his wife for a chance to relive their romantic past,VDO began to search for answers. VDO was seeking spontaneous, hard erections without the use of pills or surgery.

“So I started an exhaustive Internet search. And I found “Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.” I read the science. I saw the numbers. So I searched for a provider of this novel Israeli developed treatment protocol. And I found Progressive Men’s Health in Langhorne, PA. I went to see Dr. Peter Sinaiko to learn about their treatment regimen. What I learned impressed me.”

When VDO discovered Progressive Men’s Health he knew he had found the right treatment for his erectile dysfunction. Shockwave Therapy helps stimulate the natural regeneration of penial tissue and restores blood flow without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

“Paris with my wife was wonderful. All my fear came to naught. To top it all off, we were in the Hyatt in Maillot District of Paris with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower… Things got longer and stronger as I saw time pass from the end of my treatments. It gets better as time goes by. I’m glad I kicked the moths out of my checkbook and anteed up. It was money most certainly well spent.”

The results were evident. Shockwave Therapy was a great success for VDO and for his wife. Seeking treatment early on can help men see better results with less treatments. VDO still continues to see improvement in the his erectile function.

“Again, if you consider it, you’ll get no guarantees either. I can vouch for their caring and personal methodology as well as their professionalism.”

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