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Among the first in the United States to combine shockwave therapy with regenerative medicine, Dr. Peter Sinaiko and Dr. Richard Goldfarb of Philadelphia, PA lead the industry in innovate and effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Dr. Peter Sinaiko and Dr. Richard Goldfarb pioneered the use of Shockwave Therapy for the effective, non-invasive treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). At Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, PA, they have been offering Shockwave Therapy for the effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction without the ongoing use of pharmaceuticals.  Among the fist in the United States to combine shockwave therapy with regenerative medicine, Dr. Sinaiko and Dr. Goldfarb lead the industry in the innovative and effective treatment of ED.  Dr. Sinaiko and Dr. Goldfarb have analyzed statistical data spanning four years of consecutive treatments in over 100 patients showing real, lasting results.

In this month’s publication of Urology Times, Lisette Hilton features an article on the growth in popularity that Shockwave Therapy for the treatment of ED has experienced in recent years.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

As Hilton mentions in her article, Shockwaves may change future of ED therapy, shock wave treatment was first used as a noninvasive treatment for the removal of kidney stones. Using waves of energy that travel faster than sound, the handheld device targets kidney stones, breaking them down for easier, natural passing.

Dr. Sinaiko and Dr. Goldfarb used shockwave technology to correct blood vessel and nerve damage, a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Shockwaves are applied to the penis to create microtraumas which stimulate the growth and production of healthy stem cells. Stem cells can activate muscle and blood vessel growth, restoring healthy blood flow and natural function to the penis.

Leading the Way: Shockwave Therapy and Enhanced PRP

Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Sinaiko have seen successful in achieving lasting results for patients using a unique combination of shockwave therapy and natural regenerative medicine using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Pioneers of this protocol for ED, Drs. Sinaiko and Goldfarb have exclusive access to both Selphyl® (PRP in a fibrin matrix) and exosomes for use in combining PRP with shockwave therapy. They use both exosomes and amniocytes to help promote natural cell regrowth and improved function of the penis.

Shockwave therapy and regenerative medicine help eliminate the need for traditional pharmaceutical alternatives that may become ineffective over time. Successful candidates for shockwave therapy enjoy improved blood flow, firmer, longer lasting erections and more spontaneous intimacy.

Drs. Goldfarb and Sinaiko have also successfully treated ED in prostate cancer patients who either underwent radical prostatectomy with or without edge sparing and radiation therapy.

If you are experiencing difficulty getting or maintaining an erection to completion, contact the leaders of innovative ED therapy at Progressive Men’s Health in Philadelphia, PA. Early diagnosis and treatment can offer ideal results and prevent further deterioration of the penile tissue. Click here to request a confidential consultation with Dr. Sianaiko or Dr. Goldfarb.

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