Does shockwave therapy really work for ED?

We hear this question, all of the time. The short answer is, yes, for most patients, shockwave therapy has a positive impact on erectile health. No one can attest to the success of shockwave therapy better than our own patients who have benefited from our comprehensive Shockwave Therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Real ED Patients, Real Shockwave Therapy Results

Read below to hear a personal success story from one of our value patients living in the Philadelphia, PA area.

“Dr. Peter Sinaiko of Progressive Man’s Health has been my family’s urologist for over 30 years. When he first recommended to me his newly developed treatment for ED, I began to do research on his approach. I concluded that he was offering a leading-edge solution, and my wife and I decided to follow his recommendation. The low intensity shock wave portion of the treatment involved virtually no discomfort, and the same with the injection of platelet rich plasma. At first I didn’t notice much of a change, but after a few months the results of the treatment started to become evident. At that point I was very happy with the outcome, but now, two years after the procedure, I continue to have improvement!

I am in my seventies, and the procedure has given me about 90% of the hardness I had when I was a teenager.

Dr. Sinaiko also performed a second, related, procedure a year later, this time for my penile sensitivity, which had diminished in the last few years. The shock wave therapy and PRP injections did their work, and I think that now I have the same sensitivity that I had in earlier years.

Progressive Men’s Health combines medically advanced treatment options and evident concern for patients—two things that are very important to me. Thanks for the great medical care!”

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Regain the erections of your youth with nonmedicinal, minimally invasive Shockwave therapy for ED.

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