ed treatment philadelphia pa

When seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), most patients make an appointment with their primary care doctor and resign themselves to the continual use of medication. While this is often effective treatment for most, there are situations where the medication can raise the risk of other health concerns, and times when there is possible interaction with other prescribed medications.

Most men affected by ED would prefer to solve their problem with a natural, lasting treatment that does not require the use of or dependence upon a medication. At Progressive Men’s Health, we have developed a unique treatment option that harnesses your body’s own healing response, naturally regenerating better blood flow which facilitates sexual activity. Our treatment is non surgical, completely safe and requires no downtime.

We offer confidential consultations in our Philadelphia office where we will perform a physical exam, discuss your medical history, personal concerns and treatment goals to determine that you are a candidate for treatment. We encourage those affected by ED to seek treatment as early as possible for better results.

ED not only affects your sexual function, it also has emotional and psychological effects. Self confidence and personal relationships are often eroded as a result of ED. Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Sinaiko offer compassionate, consultative care and a revolutionary alternative to traditional treatment.

Contact our office today to schedule your confidential consultation and learn more about what we offer and how we can help you address ED without medication.

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