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For many who suffered with erectile dysfunction (ED) years ago, they were often told by medical professionals that it was a psychologic issue. This left patients feeling discouraged and frustrated and often had a detrimental impact on intimate relationships in their lives.

In recent decades, scientists have established that there are a variety of physiologic concerns that can be the cause of ED, a large percentage of them being related to vascular disease.

At Progressive Men’s Health, our physicians are dedicated to staying at the forefront of both treatment and techniques for ED, seeking to offer their patients lasting results that are not dependent on daily or spontaneous medications.

Revolutionary ED Treatment

Progressive Men’s Health offers treatment for ED that combines shockwave therapy with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to enable patients to once again achieve natural, spontaneous erections.

During a consultation, your physician will discuss your medical history, personal concerns and perform an exam before recommending a plan of treatment best suited to your needs. Many patients come to us feeling discouraged and anxious, having tried alternate treatments or concerned about continued use of medications.

We understand your frustration and concerns and have developed this treatment to restore sexual intimacy in the most natural way possible. Understanding the physical cause of ED can often bring a sense of relief to many patients, lifting the emotional burden that can exacerbate their condition.

Ready to address your ED with professionals who take a comprehensive approach to ED? Schedule a confidential consultation with Progressive Men’s Health today for a more satisfying tomorrow.

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